Thank You Kung Fu

by David V. Wenzel

David never expected his story to be like this, but at twenty-seven years old he learned of his grade II oligodendroglioma: an inoperable brain tumor allowing him five to seven years to live. This discovery sent him down an entirely different road by measuring the true meaning of his relationships, struggling for and against his cancerous body, and questioning those who attempt to define him, but unfortunately, this path led him to rock bottom. 


But David has learned there’s nothing wrong with existing at rock bottom as your life begins again. It seems that rock bottom is where God loves to start building the foundations for His best stories.

Book Reviews:

"This book… it was real! It was honest and it was amazing! As I started following the journey along with David I felt so many emotions like shock, sadness, frustration, and also joy. It’s hard to fathom receiving a terminal diagnosis, going through devastating life changes all the while feeling like there is a ticking clock in the background. His illness became the catalyst that sent him on his true path and it was beautiful to read. You will not be disappointed and you will absolutely have your faith in God restored when you get to the end of this beautiful memoir!"

- Cindy

“Anyone who has ever gone through any type of struggle should read this book. It’s not only a beautifully told story that shows how God comes through when His children are at their lowest, but also one that shows He’s been with us the entire way. Hearing David’s honest struggles with what God allowed in his life and how he is preserved is an amazing encouragement and should be read by anyone who has been or is at rock bottom.”

- Celia

"I would describe this book as "beautifully painful." The raw emotion you'll feel reading about the author's struggles in both his physical life and his spiritual life is captivating. The book was very insightful to me regarding my own doubts I have about my faith."

- Dave

“Really digging this book. To be honest, I’m hooked. And this rarely happens in our digital age when the tantalizing distractions of Facebook and Netflix are always at the tips of our fingers. Your life is such a good story and this reader at least can see that it was crafted by the very best Storyteller that ever was. What a gift you’ve given to your friends and family and to everyone else who will pick up this book on a whim at the right time and in the right season of their lives."

- Jonathan

“Thank You Kung Fu reminded me our lives aren’t just triumphal marches, but sometimes slow and seemingly random, and how some of the best stuff often comes after a derailment we'd never ever choose.”

- Emily

"A book that breathes truth into who we are as Christians. Sometimes raw and stinging, all sheltered around this wonderful story of hope. Chapter 21 and 22 found me crying out loud. This isn't a book about cancer; this is a book about life."

- Stacy

"I treated your book like I treat my cell phone on my absolute worst days of being overly connected. I was walking and reading your book today while sort of taking care of kids while {my husband} was gone. At one point I was walking while reading and accidentally ran into this plastic bucket I didn't see and nearly woke {my kid}. I would read paragraphs at a time so the book already looks fairly beat up from folding corners to mark which paragraph I was in. DON'T TELL but I even read it at stoplights with two kids in the backseat. Honestly, I don't remember the last time I read a book like this."

- All names redacted due to motherly request!

"This book is everything I didn't know I needed. Profoundly honest from a perspective of grace, frustration, love, and true experience. I'm speechless."

- Amy